Run Abinit in a Virtual Machine

Docker Hub

  1. Version 9.4.2 compiled with GNU 9.3 and OpenMPI; included tools : agate/qagate, abipy, abigui,...
  2. Slow version of abinit with limited possibilities. Only useful for debugging (old)
  3. Base images for xenonpy project ( version 8.10.3 with cuda ) ( Dockerfiles )

ETSF softwares

In order to run ETSF softwares ( Yambo, DP/EXC, ABINIT,QE,...) without the hassle of installing the codes,
we have customized a virtual machine (5.5Gb, we are looking at lighter alternatives) - many thanks to the QuantumMobile team!
To use the virtual machine:

  1. Install VirtualBox on your laptop
  2. Download the virtual machine ova file, load it in VirtualBox (to do this go to File->Import Appliance), and run it.
    [We have tested successfully the VM on virtualbox v.6; previous versions might not work].

You should now have a working Linux environment with all the above codes installed.

Quantum Mobile

Quantum Mobile provides a uniform environment for quantum mechanical materials simulations.