ABINIT 10.0.7

Available downloads
Sources and complete tests from Abinit website (For All platforms (126MB) )

md5sum : 09151eee6329addb9c1dc63949c7f3f3

Development version
Sources and complete tests from Github (For All platforms (125MB) )
Release Notes

*** This release of ABINIT is a production version ***

Several bugs have been fixed with respect to ABINITv10.0.5, nothing major, though. .

ABINITv10 is a major version release, with nice new features : availability of the CMake build system, two new GPU portings, low-scaling GW and RPA implementations...

Please read the release notes at release notes

Have fun !
Xavier and the ABINIT group

Tested with   :  OpenMPI, MPICH2, MPICH3, ATLAS, OpenBLAS, CUDA, Magma, gfortran, ifort, nvhpc, NAG